About us


By organizing Welcome Here festivals across the Netherlands Justice and Peace helps people to connect: Dutch citizens with newcomers, those who want to make a difference with those who have already done so, new initiatives and refugees with existing agencies, and people who share their experiences, to discuss ideas and possible concerns with each other. The contacts that arise here are strengthening the local solidarity for the reception and integration of refugees and reach out to the surrounding area.

“Welcome Here makes local solidarity with refugees accessible to everyone. It is a concept that can be organized anywhere in the Netherlands. At your neighborhood festival or in your community, we like to think with you! ” 
(Liselot of Zantvoort, Justice and Peace Netherlands)

Welcome Here started in February 2016 as an initiative of a number of organizations in The Hague. On this successful day, 28 (civil) initiatives presented themselves, a diverse debate- and stage programme- and more than 750 visitors from diverse backgrounds, resulted in new initiatives, contacts and coverage of the refugee debate from local power. Since then, Welcome Here has also been present in Delft, Freedom festival The Hague, Amersfoort, Leidschendam-Voorburg, Maastricht, Haarlem and Dordrecht. Preparations for new Welcome Here festivals in other cities in the Netherlands are in full swing.

Welcome Here is an initiative by human rights organization Justice and Peace in collaboration with Fonds 1818 and NGO Human Security Collective.

Do you want to join a Welkom Hier festival?

Send an email to l.van.zantvoort [at] justiceandpeace.nl. If you want to know more about future Welkom Hier festival or If you’re interested to organize a festival in your region.